• Feeling on top of the world…. 🌟

    Feeling on top of the world…. 🌟

    Two weekends ago took me to new heights - literally! I enjoyed breakfast at the Sky Garden (what the Londoners call the "Walkie Talkie" because it is shaped like one!). Inside, it's amazing - no matter what the weather (and trust me London can see some dull, grey skies....
  • Love your shape, love you!

    Love your shape, love you!

    Learning and dressing for your body type or shape is not only essential for developing your personal style, but also to fall in love with your shape as when you dress to enhance your best features, you focus on those features and in turn feel better about yourself as yo...
  • #ContentedNothingness


    I was watching a programme the other day which made me think, "What is it with us women?". Ok, hold fire and let me explain... We have come soo far! There is so much we can celebrate as women and in the past century alone have made great strides that we should be so pr...
  • Custody Battles

    Custody Battles

    When parents engage in custody battles over their children, they do so under the guise that it is in their children's best interests, but is that generally true? On today’s show ‘Custody Battles’ we will be discussing this, hearing from family lawyer Elizabeth Hicks,...
  • #Ilovemyjob


    This was another incredible week for the DKW team. I woke up early on Saturday morning to set up for the two shows we were recording 'Alzheimer's Epidemic' and 'Where do Broken Hearts Go'. It was a happy team that arrived and we recorded two episodes with inspiring gues...
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